Importance Of a Domain Name

Tips To Choose The Perfect Domain

All businesses who have their own websites or planning to create one, should consider registering for good domain names. There are a lot of significance of owning one. It is a unique identity of a particular business on the web. It is the first and most important decision that you have to make while creating a website.

Importance Of Registration

Here are some of the reasons why domain registration is really important for your business websites or even blogs:


The domain name helps to build up a sense of reliability and credibility among the people. The chances are very high that whenever a new visitor enters your website, he/she will notice the domain first. This creates the first impression on that person.

Every website or blog has its own individuality. And with the help of this you can create uniqueness. It is like your own space and not a rented one.

You can build brand awareness with the name you choose for your domain. Whenever a person look at the website it will instantly make him/her notice your brand.

And the most important of all is that the popular search engines such as Google give utmost important to the websites or blogs that have their own unique domain names. Thus, ranking of the websites on the SERP depends a lot on this too.


Tips To Choose The Best Name

Choosing a domain name is not an easy task as there are already thousands of websites who have taken all the conventional names you can think of. So, with so many names already registered how can you get the perfect one? Here it is:


Think different but memorable: With so many websites and different domains online, it is very easy to get lost in that crowd. But you have to make yourself stand unique in that. So, it is better to think something different and witty yet memorable. Now, something very difficult to memorize will fail to create a mark among people. For instance: A website selling beauty products can named as is unique, short and more memorable than


The .com: Till date, the most popular TLD or Top Level Domain is .com. There are many more TLDs like .net, .biz, .info and .org. But if you are not choosing .com then you are surely missing a lot of traffic. This is because majority of the people search online will prefer or put .com at the end of all domains.


Keep it short: Another important thing that you have to remember is to think of short domain names. Now, no one will remember a long one for you. They will easily forget. For instance: is shorter than People will easily remember the first one.



Some additional tips for you are to avoid hyphens and numbers, use the main keyword in domain name and if possible target a particular area. You can research more on the best and most reliable service to register your domain. But make sure that the service you are choosing is properly accredited or else you can face problems later on.

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